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Flare - Special Edition Neutron - Purple - 174g

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Execute evasive maneuvers with the Special Edition Streamline Neutron Flare! This triple-foil stamp by MVP Artist Mike Inscho pushes Streamline’s love of flight beyond the atomic era. This sci-fi jet’s hard banking flight represents the powerful overstability found with the Neutron Flare. Streamline leads the charge with gorgeous triple-foil stamps coming to life on the disc. Get ready to blast off the tee and push the limits of flight with the Special Edition Streamline Neutron Flare!

The Flare is the first overstable distance driver from Streamline and is designed for flights with a minimal turn, ending with a powerfully overstable finish, and a reserved glide to prevent going long on the approach. The Flare debuts the new 19mm Driver class making it the first Streamline Speed 9 disc. A truly versatile disc whether fans are looking for something that can handle even the highest power throws, fighting the strongest winds, or for a wide range of utility shots, the Flare can handle them all. Burning brightly on the course, the Streamline Flare is coming to the rescue!